Cantina Fradiles - Atzara

Via Sandro Pertini, 2
Località Creccherì
08030 Atzara (NU)
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In the centre of Sardinia

Traditional Winegrowers

In a village where winemaking is a trade rooted for centuries, habits of the past return naturally in the midst of our unique vineyards, irreproducible elsewhere.

Fradiles - Sardinian for 'cousins' - has its origins in bonds of kinship rooted here, in the centre of Sardinia. A revaluation of the ancient family firm has brought back our vision and passion for the winegrowers' culture.

Fradiles - botti
Le Vigne

Between historic vineyards and
new projects

We are in Mandrolisai, historical region of Sardinia and wine territory par excellence.
A place with archaic charm, where the magical horizon extends for kilometers: green meadows, mountains with high chestnut trees and oaks, hills covered with forests of holm oaks and holly, and then vineyards and vineyards, which are part of the landscape, for centuries.

Paolo Savoldo is the soul of the winery and manages a total of 25 acres of vineyards on heights that vary between 500 to 700 meters. The 15 acres of joined family possessions that formed the historic nucleus of the firm surround the actual winery. They comprise vineyards planted eighty and hundred years ago.

Our Wines

The Fradiles style, each
vineyard its own story

A family of wines bound by a style that we endeavour to render more and more unmistakeable We call it the Fradiles style. Each of our wines is born with a story, a tale, an event, a unique and particular emotion that it takes along during its lifetime. The best way to talk about us and our land is to let them have their say.

The wines of the Mandrolisai are fragrant, strong and noble. Our production is focused on safeguarding this winemaking legacy, according to a quality standard for making wines that are elegant because of their simplicity, superior because they are the outcome of constant research, technological innovation, attention and care for particulars.

Memorias Creccherie - Cantina Fradiles

We want to conserve the memory of the past, to safeguard the viticultural heredity of the Mandrolisa

Angraris - CAntina Fradiles

Angraris, the CRU of our company. . It comes from an old vineyard in the area of the same name, one

Antiogu - Cantina Fradiles

Antiogu is an intensely red-coloured Mandrolisai wine with light garnet reflections, produced by gra

Istentu - Cantina Fradiles

The value of waiting, knowing how to wait, knowing how to taste: all actions that are based on the p

Fradiles - Cantina Fradiles

Offspring of a union of our traditional vines, Bovale, Cannonau, Monica, grown at an altitude of ove

Funtanafrisca - Cantina Fradiles

A wine with a clear color, intense aroma, rich taste: pleasant as a "cool fountain" on hot days. Bot

Azzàra - Cantina Fradiles

The hills of Mandrolisai, embroidered by long rows of vineyards, are the testimony of a territory of

Durusia - Cantina Fradiles

There is no precise meaning or a literal translation into Italian that allows those who have never e

Where wine is born

Mandrolisai, essence of a

The soils in the Mandrolisai are formed by weathered granite and schists, preeminently suited for the cultivation of grapes.

In the Mandrolisai climate, soil and geographical position lend unique and specific characteristics to the wine that may vary from one vineyard to the other: that is the way in which a CRU is born. This gift of nature joined to a winemaker’s tradition transferred from parents to children has enabled the production of a type that may be the only one of its kind.

Oenological Awards and Competitions

Quality and value awarded
in Italy and abroad, an acknowledgement of our endeavours.

A picturesque trip to the centre of Sardinia to get acquainted with Fradiles. Come and see us!