Cantina Fradiles - Atzara

Via Sandro Pertini, 2
Località Creccherì
08030 Atzara (NU)
Tel. +39 333 1761683 / +39 347 9432259

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  • Angraris - CAntina Fradiles

    Angraris, the CRU of our company. . It comes from an old vineyard in the area of the same name, one of the most important in the territory for the production of red Mandrolisai Superiore. This red makes 30/36 months of aging in 750 lt barrels. and a further aging in bottle for 12 months. A broad and deep wine, it is characterized by spicy sensorial notes reminiscent of wild berries jam, marked hints of tobacco and pleasing hints of vanilla. Wine of great structure, the full body envelops a remarkable quantity of mature tannins, which are gradually refined with the permanence in bottle making the taste much more pleasant. Long and warm aftertaste. It expresses the best essence of the fine historic vineyards of Mandrolisai.

    Mandrolisai Superiore
    Denominazione di Origine Controllata

  • Memorias Creccherie - Cantina Fradiles

    We want to conserve the memory of the past, to safeguard the viticultural heredity of the Mandrolisai that has been passed to us from antiquity. These are the vineyards that produce a wine defending the vineyards of yore respecting a historic rural landscape.

    Denominazione di Origine Controllata