Cantina Fradiles - Atzara

Via Sandro Pertini, 2
Località Creccherì
08030 Atzara (NU)
Tel. +39 333 1761683 / +39 347 9432259

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Angraris - CAntina Fradiles

Angraris, the CRU of our company. . It comes from an old vineyard in the area of the same name, one

Memorias Creccherie - Cantina Fradiles

We want to conserve the memory of the past, to safeguard the viticultural heredity of the Mandrolisa

Antiogu - Cantina Fradiles

Antiogu is an intensely red-coloured Mandrolisai wine with light garnet reflections, produced by gra

Istentu - Cantina Fradiles

The value of waiting, knowing how to wait, knowing how to taste: all actions that are based on the p

Fradiles - Cantina Fradiles

Offspring of a union of our traditional vines, Bovale, Cannonau, Monica, grown at an altitude of ove

Funtanafrisca - Cantina Fradiles

A wine with a clear color, intense aroma, rich taste: pleasant as a "cool fountain" on hot days. Bot

Azzàra - Cantina Fradiles

The hills of Mandrolisai, embroidered by long rows of vineyards, are the testimony of a territory of

Durusia - Cantina Fradiles

There is no precise meaning or a literal translation into Italian that allows those who have never e