Cantina Fradiles - Atzara

Via Sandro Pertini, 2
Località Creccherì
08030 Atzara (NU)
Tel. +39 333 1761683 / +39 347 9432259

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Historic Vineyards

In the geographical centre of Sardinia

Historical vineyards, the most immediate expression of
the wines of the Mandrolisai

The territory of Atzara is part of the Historical Rural Landscapes, with its historical goblet vineyards. This ancient art of cultivation can still be seen in many smallholdings, as it is suited to poor and dry soils. The vine, trimmed low, the grapes close to the ground, returns a low yield per plant but a very high quality wine.

Here ideal conditions have been created for quality production in highland vineyards. The vines are represented by ancient local varieties: Bovale Sardo, Cannonau, Monica and other autochthonous cultivars.

Cantina Fradiles - Mandrolisai
The Barbagia Mandrolisai

A walk through the ancient vines,
travelling through time

Taking a walk through old vineyards, one notes the mingling of different varieties, planted next to each other according to ancient usage. This area has been blessed with the richness of its autochthonous vines – a spectacular biodiversity. Consequently there is an almost infinite range of possibilities to lend a particular character to each proprietary wine, while remaining within the traces of tradition.

Cantina Fradiles - Angraris

Our production is mainly guided by the standard of DOC Mandrolisai, but there are two red-grape vines we dedicate special attention to, the Bovale Sardo or “Muristellu” and a vine that wears the local name of “Aniga Sant’Antiogu” (Grape of Saint Antioco). Out of these rare vines we produce our IGT, a vinification as pure as can be.

A picturesque trip to the centre of Sardinia to get acquainted with Fradiles. Come and see us!