Cantina Fradiles - Atzara

Via Sandro Pertini, 2
Località Creccherì
08030 Atzara (NU)
Tel. +39 333 1761683 / +39 347 9432259

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  • Cantina Fradiles - Istentu IGT

    The value of waiting, knowing how to wait, knowing how to taste: all actions that are based on the principles of viticulture, of fundamental importance, on which the essence of things is based. They are the principles according to which you can not have everything and immediately. The expectation of events and things is the very essence of life, for there is a time to sow and a time to reap.

    Isola dei Nuraghi Rosso
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  • Isola dei Nuraghi Bovale
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  • Cantina Fradiles - Bagadiu

    A wine with a clear color, intense aroma, rich taste: pleasant as a “cool fountain” on hot days. Both for aperitif and fish.

    Isola dei Nuraghi
    Indicazione Geografica Tipica

  • Cantina Fradiles - Durusia

    There is no precise meaning or a literal translation into Italian that allows those who have never experienced it directly to understand what Duru-Duru is. Duru-Duru was, and is, more than just a lullaby. This rosé wine obtained from the local Mandrolisai grape is poetry, play, singing and dancing all together. It is magic.

    Isola dei Nuraghi Rosato
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