We wished to present a pure Muristello, separating it from the grapes that make up the traditional wine of this area, without ‘marrying’ it to other vines. That’s why it is called Bagadìu (Sardinian for ‘bachelor’) . The grapes have been carefully vinified and put on the market as a product with history but also innovative – because different.
Vineyards situated in the municipal territory of Atzara, a hilly area rising up to 550 m.a.s.l., west of the Gennargentu mountains.
Medium-textured decayed granite tending to sandy.
This is a wine from an autochthonous vine, Muristello (Bovale Sardo), a dominant presence in the vineyards of the Sardinian heartland. It is a traditional vine, tightly bound to the fields of Atzara. It lends structure, character and a decisive imprint to the grape that makes part of D.O.C. Mandrolisai. Harvests are limited as the bunches are small and the small grapes have thick skins: Bovale Sardo (Muristellu)
The vines are trained in goblets or espalier with short pruning.
Hand-picked in the second half of October, fermentation at controlled temperature with a skin maceration of about 15 days. Maceration in steel and maturation in the bottle for eight months.
Ruby-red color with pomegranate glints. On the nose it is a fruity wine with hints of fresh herbs and flowers. And as bachelors do, it shows its unmitigated character: decisive but not hard, flavoury, spicy, with inklings of marasca.
Bagadìu is an excellent companion of all meat dishes.