Production Area

Vineyards situated in the municipal territory of Atzara, a hilly area rising up to 550 m.a.s.l., west of the Gennargentu mountains.

Soil Type

Medium-textured decayed granite tending to sandy, worked over the year with traditional technology.


Mandrolisai D.O.C. : is a local DOC wine from the following vines: Bovale Sardo (Muristellu), Cannonau, Monica.

Training System



6000 vines/ha in vineyards over 50 years old

Production per hectare

4-5 tonnes/ha

Production System

The grapes are picked in the first half of October, mixed and vinified. Fermentation takes place at controlled temperature with a skin maceration of about 15-18 days. Maturation follows according to the regulations for the qualification Superiore: 12 months in steel containers and 12 months in 500 l. first and second passage tonneau barrels. Refining in bottle for another three months.

Organoleptic Properties

ruby-red colour with light pomegranate glints. It is a wine full of character, with a particular finesse, with inklings of vanilla and spices that do not overwhelm hints of wild berries, warm and full-bodied palate and a long and persistent finish.


great land dishes and ripe cheese.